Aleppo Under Siege

Why is this being allowed? Why is Russia allowed to commit war crimes against civilians with no repercussions? Back in October, John Kerry asked for a war crimes investigation against Russia. IN OCTOBER. Why has nothing been done? 82 civilians are dead because we as a human race refuse to standĀ up for basic human rights. Enough is enough. Stop this violence, stop the atrocities, stop Putin. Continue reading Aleppo Under Siege

Be Empowered

I was given a piece of excellent advice the other day: It was suggested to me that I do some soul searching and figure out what exactly it is that I personally believe in. As a woman, what lessons have I learned from this election? The question wasn’t meant to be political in any way, it was something to make me think. I did my soul searching, in my own private way; and I realized that I haven’t been a leader in my community as much as I could be. I’m not as involved with the organizations that I believe … Continue reading Be Empowered

The Day America Failed

November 8th, 2016.  America decided to vote into its highest office a KKK supporter, a bigot and racist. Someone who is so anti women he claims to have ‘made’ his own daughter. He gives no indication that maybe, just maybe, she is her own person and maybe she created her own image and has her own ideas and is not simply spewing her father’s rhetoric.  I have heard several times that our President Elect is: A really nice guy! He knows his stuff! We need a wall, we need to focus on America and forget about the global communities. To … Continue reading The Day America Failed