We Need Wonder Woman 

I had the opportunity to see Wonder Woman a few days ago and I am ecstatic about the outcome. Patty Jenkins did an absolutely brilliant job on this movie. I have been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a child and was extremely worried that she would not get the superhero justice that she deserves.

I have been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a child and was extremely worried that she would not get the justice that she deserves. That she would become another eye candy male ogling pretty girl instead of shown as the Amazonian Goddess that she truly is. I am pleased to say this did not happen.

As a woman, I felt empowered, I felt as if I could accomplish anything, it didn’t matter that I was a female, I knew I could do it. As some have commented on other postings, it was refreshing to see an all female battle scene, I mean my GOD. I think my favorite realization though, was that I have lived to see Robin Wright grow from a princess, and become a general.  (The same is true of Princess Leia, I’m simply focusing on WW for this post). The women had crows feet and Gal Gadot’s muscular leg jiggled when she made those huge jumps. We need this. We need Wonder Woman, we needed this movie to be realistic about women and not just show the powdered, pampered and extremely thin Hollywood breed ‘again’.  Pampered and thin works for a lot of movies, but not for an Amazon Warrior.

Patty Jenkins also made the decision to use real athletes. These women are trained in Krav Maga, Cross Fit, and other disciplines, as well as undergoing combat training to fulfill their roles more accurately. (Stunt doubles were used for some scenes). The point is, these women were all REAL. Crows feet, cellulite and all. The sad part? Google Robin Wright and the first thing that populates is about her plastic surgery. We need Wonder Woman and we will need her as long as women are shown as weak, as long as we do not have equal pay, as long as Hollywood depicts us as something to be gawked at….we will need her.


Thank you, Patty Jenkins, for giving us a Wonder Woman we can look up to. In all her muscular glory.



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