The UN Human Rights Council

I’ve written on the UN before, when I made commentary on Wonder Woman. This is wholly different. Every day, I become more and more ashamed, more and more disgraced with my country. I wasn’t born on U.S. soil, though both my parents are Americans; my mother fought for me to obtain a social security card. During times like these, I wish she hadn’t.

Part of me wishes I could leave this country, although, the more I talk to delegates of other nations, the few times I have jested that I should seek citizenship elsewhere, I am quickly shot down. “Don’t do that.” I am told. “It is better to have a U.S. passport, even now.” They say. Yes, we still hold weight in the world. But for how much longer?

Our President just pulled out of the Paris Accords and to what purpose? He says he only wants to serve the American people, but one can not treat every aspect of the Presidency as a business proposal. There are some things that MUST be handled with diplomacy, that must be negotiated, that one can not simply strong arm into being.

This morning, as I read the BBC, in a small corner of the screen, I noticed a headline. I am terrified. “US warns it may leave the UN Human Rights Council” Wait…what? We’re considering doing…what? To what end? According to the article, Mrs. Haley is upset that the UN is repeatedly accusing Israel (a US ally) of Human Rights offenses, but leaving Venezuela untouched. Is the alliance with one country so strong, that we are willing to withdraw completely? The american government is already showing that it doesn’t care about the government, now is it going to show how little it cares about something as common as human rights violations? What are we doing? What’s going on? Who is allowing this madness to continue and why hasn’t it been stopped?

We live in a globalized world, we cannot become isolationist at this point in our history; though I fear it is a late of knowledge of that history that will cause us to repeat it.

If this man stays in office we are doomed. Our society will changed as we know it. America will no longer be accepted as one of the greatest nations in the world. I fear it will be considered the greatest laughing stock in history.

We have a choice. We, the American people can choose to insist on impeachment for this man. We can choose to not allow him to continue to act like a child. We can choose to protest peacefully, we can choose to insist on our continuation in NATO, the UN Human Rights Council, in the Paris Peace Accords….we can choose.




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