I recently returned from an incredible internship that allowed me to work at the United Nations for a week. I was able to meet delegates from various countries, including Ex-Pats from the United States, Ethiopia, Egypt, Bahrain, Nigeria, Albania…the list continues. 

This particular conference focused on education, specifically the necessity of educating our children, and ensuring that girls have equal opportunities to attend as the males do. Some of the speakers lauded educational practices that the United States has been doing for years; while others made blanket statements that were decidedly anti-American, and anti- any country that wasn’t theirs; though this was rare. 

I was in Switzerland for a week. While the conference was amazing, it was not my main take away. What I realized is this: America is doing it WRONG. We aren’t educating our children properly, we aren’t putting enough emphasis on providing good food to our citizens; I ate horrendously for that week, bread, cheese and chocolate were my main sources of food because it was cheap. I lost weight. Why? Because the food is fresh, and not pumped full of preservatives like sodium and sugar. It’s also local, and not being stored for an absurd amount of time. 

America, we are doing it WRONG. 


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