Women in the Era of…

I have recently been told I was acting like a “Social Justice Warrior” or SJW. I took it as a compliment. It wasn’t meant as one.

I have recently been told to ‘stop watching the news’ as it just upsets me. Why would I stop being informed?

I have recently been told ‘what he’s doing is illegal, he can’t do that’. He is.

I have recently been told ‘it’s only for four years’. Are we sure? He was voted in once.

I have recently been told not to judge those who voted for Trump because everyone voted for him for a different reason. Guess what? I’m judging and I’m judging HARD.

I have recently been told that if I lose my insurance at work…my birth control will no longer be covered. I hope my future husband is okay with abstinence.

I have recently been told we have ‘satan’ as President. Honestly? I couldn’t agree more.

I have recently been told ‘we are living in a nightmare’. That too.

I have recently been told by parents and non-parents alike: “How will I explain this to my children?” Maybe we can take a page from the Romans book and just erase them from the history books? No one seems to be paying attention when we write it down.

I have recently been told that the jobs I have been applying for…no longer exist.

We now live in a nation where rights do not matter, where the news has been ‘altered’ and where the President of the United States is getting away with banning refugees from a country that was CREATED by refugees.

I love reading my FaceBook now and going through all the T. voters who are now writing posts such as: Dear Mr.President, a wall won’t help. -Signed: A concerned citizen. You don’t ‘get’ to be concerned. You voted him into office, what exactly were you expecting? he ‘told’ you exactly what he was going to do all throughout his campaign and now you’re surprised? ‘Now’ you are a concerned citizen? No. You don’t ‘get’ to be a concerned citizen. You should have thought of the consequences of your actions when you voted for a vile, repugnant, intellectually and viscerally repellent human being as the next President of the United States.

One thing I will say, though. I have to actually thank him. Before him, I kept silent. Before him, I avoided politics. Before him? I kept my thoughts to myself because all I ever wanted to be was a diplomat for the United States of America; all I wanted was to travel and meet new people, experience diversity at its finest. Now? Now Mr. President. You have awakened a dragon. I will not stay silent. I will not keep my voice down. I will NOT let YOU single-handedly destroy our nation with the swipe of a pen. You will not win. I won’t let you win.

I will not stand by and let you take the voice of the press away. I will not stand by and let you persecute Muslims. I will not stand by and let you state alternate facts for reality. I will not let your perverse ideals become the norm. You have done one thing, Mr. President. You have made me realize where I stand. And it is ‘not’ with you.

One day, I will sit back and ignore my passions. One day, women and men will tolerate you. BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!


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